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States That Have Legalized Marijuana Use

The recreational weed was majorly legalized in the year 2018. New laws have been enacted to allow the use of recreational marijuana both at the state and federal levels. The use of recreational marijuana is supported by many Americans, about two thirds. Weed was greatly illegalized in the 80s and now the prohibition is now being terminated. Therefore, when you read more about in this article, you will be learning some of the states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Besides, the article contain some of common sense that you need to know when you are supporting the use of the recreational marijuana and its freedom.

The legalization of recreational weed has been made possible in most of the states that are found on the West Coast as well as New England. Through the Farm Bill, the president legalized the use of the hemp. The hemp is the best part of marijuana, as it is safe and can’t cause psychoactive effects. The psychoactive effect is normally caused by the THC. The medicine and well as the textile industry are some of the other industries that utilize the use of hemp. It was an effort to uplift the American farmers that encouraged the legalization of the hemp farming. The other reason why he did this is to encourage the production of the hemp in the marijuana industry. The industry is therefore at a top production level, about ten billion dollars. Therefore, there are many states that have led to the legalization of the weed to the state level. Specifically, the state of California has taken a further step. They have even gone an extra mile to expunge victims that were convicted due to marijuana-related cases.

Besides, Canada has previously legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The federal government here is also manipulating ways in which they can release those who were arrested due to weed related cases Canada was the first country to legalize the use of recreational weed. The other state that made an extra step is Massachusetts state. This is the first state in the East Coast to legalize the use of marijuana.

One is however expected to use common sense when they are enjoying the right to enjoy the freedom of weed legalization. The use of common sense when enjoying the freedom of weed legalization. There are stipulated rules that both the recreational marijuana users as well as medical users should follow to ensure that there is safety and that it is not abused.

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