Clooney’s Choice

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This week, it’s the announced breakup between George Clooney and the impossibly hot, Italian model-actress-broadcaster and now ex-girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis.

Elisabetta Canalis certainly is marriage material for at least one guy on the market. Okay, many an incredible number of guys. But unfortunately, it did not work out for her in this instance, with this guy that is particular. This happens in love and life. Many of us have to endure a breakup that is painfulexcept for my lucky parents who married after high school 43 happy years ago, those crazy kids).

Of program, we would never declare Elisabeth Canalis to be unmarriagable. Yet some women have taken this opportunity to label George Clooney an commitment-phobe that is irredeemable a cad, and a infection or syndrome to be avoided.

Ladies, they caution, stay away from “the George Clooney type” or the “Peter Pan type.” Here is Melissa Chapman at BettyConfidential pointly warning women:

“these George Clooney guys will be the ones never who stay in line at CVS and buy you maxi pads, they’ll never prepare you chicken soup and feed it to you whenever you feel like your head may explode, and they’ll never sit in a car with your mother and take her to her doctor’s appointment.”

This characterization is innacurate, especially in the employment of the expresse word “never” above. It’s an incorrect judgment about George Clooney himself, also it’s an incorrect pre-judgment to apply to any man.

I want to tell all the single ladies one thing: there is absolutely no such thing as a commitment-phobic man. All men are capable of commitment. Every man has the capacity to “put a ring on it,” to quote Beyonce.

The pre-judging of guys as commitment-phobic strikes me as just as crass and shortsighted as when a man labels a lady as being “frigid,” incapable of physical intimacy. Imagine a locker room conversation between two dudes: “Don’t date that chick. She won’t put out.” That bit of crass pre-judgment must grate on female ears. Not only can it be shortsighted and mean, it’s just simple wrong.

No woman is “frigid.” No woman can be pre-judged as being incapable of physical intimacy. A woman who is labeled as frigid is simply being discriminating in who she dates. She is exercising her right to decide when, where and who she shall become intimate with. The man who labels a woman “frigid” is simply frustrated because he can’t be the one to seduce her. He speaks from his own insecurity, not from an accurate assessment of her inherent capability for physical closeness.

Commitment and sex are voluntary. A woman undoubtedly does not “owe” intercourse to a man. She decides when and where and to whom to intimate with, and a man does not “owe” commitment to a woman. He decides when and where and to whom to commit to.

Chapman further describes the George Clooney type: “A guy who can both literally and figuratively, ‘Charm the pants away from you,’ thanks to his masculinity that is intense, and of course, his all-around affability. It is almost impossible to avoid getting sucked in by his magnetic aura, even though he never gives you a firm commitment.”

There’s the expresse word “never” again. Chapman counsels women to stay away from charming, masculine, seductive men. clash of clans free gems This is bad advice. All of us, people, need to pursue and date people who thrill us. If we refuse to date the people who we find attractive and exciting, then what’s the point? Life is too short not to play the game of romance.

Elisabetta Canalis did nothing wrong in dating a guy who she found exciting and seductive, a “George Clooney type,” and in this instance, Mr. Clooney himself. She gave love a try with a guy she really liked and it didn’t work out. That’s all.

This fact of life does not render George Clooney a syndrome to be avoided by women. Ladies who obsess about avoiding “George Clooney” will miss out in the thrill when they finally convince a exciting, seductive, masculine man to place a ring on it. It happens every day.

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To all the single ladies: don’t miss out on courtship and romance. Enjoy the game!